Bongani Dlamini

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INTRODUCTION The Mole snake (Pseudaspis cana) is a constrictor with a wide distribution throughout southern Africa. Its range extends northwards to Angola and eastwards to Kenya. In South Africa it inhabits a variety of habitats including sandy scrubland in the southwestern Cape, Highveld grassland as well as mountainous and desert regions. Living(More)
Peer review is a widely accepted instrument for raising the quality of science. Peer review limits the enormous unstructured influx of information and the sheer amount of dubious data, which in its absence would plunge science into chaos. In particular, peer review offers the benefit of eliminating papers that suffer from poor craftsmanship or(More)
As Swaziland progresses towards national malaria elimination, the importation of parasites into receptive areas becomes increasingly important. Imported infections have the potential to instigate local transmission and sustain local parasite reservoirs. Travel histories from Swaziland’s routine surveillance data from January 2010 to June 2014 were extracted(More)
Necropsy examination of a captive emaciated, dehydrated adult female Mole snake (Pseudaspis cana) in October 2007 revealed multiple cutaneous abscesses. Other findings included renal and hepatic atrophy, hepatic haemosiderosis, multifocal granulomatous hepatitis associated with acid-fast bacteria as well as pulmonary congestion and oedema. Large numbers of(More)
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