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In recent years, carbon nanotubes have been utilized for a variety of applications, including nanoelectronics and various types of sensors. In particular, researchers have sought to take advantage of the superior electrical properties of carbon nanotubes for fabricating novel strain sensors. This article presents a single-walled carbon nanotube(More)
Nanoscale building blocks are individually exceptionally strong because they are close to ideal, defect-free materials. It is, however, difficult to retain the ideal properties in macroscale composites. Bottom-up assembly of a clay/polymer nanocomposite allowed for the preparation of a homogeneous, optically transparent material with planar orientation of(More)
Layer-by-layer (LBL) assembly is one of the most ubiquitous coating techniques today. It also offers a pathway for multifunctional/multicomponent materials with molecular-scale control of stratified structures. However, technological applications of LBL are impeded by laborious and fluid-demanding nature of the process. While vertical organization of LBL(More)
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