Bong-Rae Kim

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DNA microarray analysis has emerged as a leading technology to enhance our understanding of gene regulation and function in cellular mechanism controls on a genomic scale. This technology has advanced to unravel the genetic machinery of biological rhythms by collecting massive gene-expression data in a time course. Here, we present a statistical model for(More)
Functional gene clustering is a statistical approach for identifying the temporal patterns of gene expression measured at a series of time points. By integrating wavelet transformations, a power dimension-reduction technique, noisy gene expression data is smoothed and clustered allowing for new patterns of functional gene expression profiles to be(More)
Descriptions of significant associations found from a logistic regression analysis typically are based on adjusted odds ratios. Unfortunately, odds ratios provide no information about the prevalence of response. In this paper, we justify and recommend using standardized risks, i.e., standardized probabilities, which do provide information about prevalence,(More)
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