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Indirect stimulation via the sciatic nerve, 10 or 100 Hz stimulus trains of 1 sec duration, applied every 3 sec, 8 hr/day for 1-4 weeks increased taurine concentration of the extensor digitorum longus (EDL, fast-twitch) muscle of the rat. The uptake of [3H]-taurine into the EDL and tibialis anterior (TA, fast-twitch) muscle was also increased by the(More)
Taurine concentration of soleus muscle (SL, slow-twitch) was initially about twofold higher than that of extensor digitorum longus muscle (EDL, fast-twitch). Taurine concentration in gastrocnemius muscle (GC) was intermediate between that of EDL and SL. Four days after sciatic nerve section, taurine concentration in the EDL but not in the SL was increased(More)
Hematogenous metastasis to skeletal muscle from urothelial carcinoma is extremely rare and metastatic disease to skeletal muscle tends to be found in people with advanced-stage neoplasm. We report in this paper a case of left sartorius muscle metastasis from urothelial cell carcinoma. A left nephroureterectomy with bladder cuff excision was performed and(More)
PURPOSE During laparoscopic partial cystectomy (LPC), lesion identification is essential to help to determine the appropriate bladder incisions required to maintain adequate resection margins. The inability to use tactile senses makes it difficult for surgeons to locate lesions during laparoscopic surgery. Endoscopic India ink marking techniques are often(More)
Neovesical-urethral anastomotic stricture is a complication of orthotopic neobladder, with a reported incidence of 2.7% to 8.8%. Strictures of the neovesico-urethral anastomotic site can be treated with regular self-dilation, but high-grade strictures require a surgical procedure involving incision by electrocautery or cold knife. Here we describe a grade(More)
Renal cell carcinoma is an uncommon source of bladder metastases. Here we report a case of renal cell carcinoma that metastasized to the bladder. A 73-year-old woman complained of gross hematuria. Abdominopelvic computerized tomography showed a bladder mass and a heterogenous enhancing mass in the lower pole of the left kidney with left vein thrombosis. The(More)
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