Bong-Cheol Shin

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This study investigated the feasibility of the micro powder blasting technique for the micro fabrication of sensor structures using the Pyrex glass to replace the existing silicon-based acceleration sensor fabrication processes. As the preliminary experiments, the effects of the blasting pressure, the mass flow rate of abrasive and the number of nozzle(More)
Planar drift chambers will be used in a solenoidal magnetic field to measure the Michel parameters in muon decay. The chamber manufacture procedure uses flat glass tables and precise ceramic glass spacers to provide precise anode– cathode spacing. Results of bench and beam tests of the prototype chambers are discussed. # 2001 Elsevier Science B.V. All(More)
The TWIST Collaboration has completed a new measurement of the energy-angle spectrum of positrons from the decay of highly polarized muons. A simultaneous measurement of the muon decay parameters ρ, δ, and P(μ)(π)ξ tests the standard model in a purely leptonic process and provides improved limits for relevant extensions to the standard model. Specifically,(More)
The TWIST Collaboration has measured the Michel parameter rho in normal muon decay, mu(+)--> e(+)nu(e)nu (mu). In the standard model, rho = 3/4. Deviations from this value imply mixing of left- and right-handed muon and electron couplings. We find rho=0.750 80+/-0.000 32(stat) +/- 0.000 97(syst) +/- 0.000 23, where the last uncertainty represents the(More)
AlN-hBN ceramic composites with 3 mass% CaF2 were fabricated by spark plasma sintering at 1800°C for 10 min. The effects of hBN content on mechanical properties, microstructure, and machinability of AlN-hBN composites were investigated. With increasing hBN content, relative density, flexural strength, and Young’s modulus decreased, whereas fracture(More)
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