Bombrana Seetharama Kadamannaya

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This study aims to determine leaf litter preference, consumption rate, growth rate, food conversion efficiency, and quality of fecal pellets of two endemic pill millipedes (Arthrosphaera dalyi and Arthrosphaera davisoni) of the Western Ghats of India by laboratory microcosm experiments. Among seven combinations of three plantation leaf litters offered in(More)
The diploid chromosome number of pill-millipedes (Class, Diplopoda) varies between 16 (Glomeridae) and 30 (Arthrosphaeridae) with XY pattern of sex determination. The meiotic division stages and karyotype of chromosomes derived from the spermatogonial metaphase of two pill-millipedes Arthrosphaera craspedota and A. lutescens of the Western Ghats of India(More)
Nutrient composition of the manure of four pill millipedes (Arthrosphaera dalyi, A. davisoni, A. fumosa and A. magna) inhabiting in semi-evergreen forests and plantations of the Western Ghats of Southwest India was evaluated. The quantity and quality of fecal pellets differed between millipedes and their habitats (forest and plantation). Organic carbon(More)
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