Boluwaji Ogunyemi

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In this prospective control study, the pregnancy and implantation rates were compared between ultrasound-guided and clinical touch uterine embryo transfers. In addition, a subset of patients was sought that would particularly benefit from embryo transfer under ultrasound guidance. A total of 187 patients (93 ultrasound and 94 clinical touch) was enrolled.(More)
This is a questionnaire based study of 501 women enquiring about anonymous oocyte donation at a private in-vitro fertilization (IVF) unit, investigating the demographic characteristics and logistic issues involved in ovum donation. The 501 women were made up of 356 women who did not donate ('non-donors') and 145 women who eventually donated their oocytes(More)
BACKGROUND To evaluate the effect of egg-sharing and the outcome of assisted reproductive treatment (ART) in standard IVF/ICSI patients, egg-sharing donors and egg-sharing recipients. METHODS Descriptive cohort study to evaluate 276 egg-sharing cycles involving 192 egg-sharers, 274 recipient cycles receiving eggs from egg-sharers and 1098 non-egg-sharing(More)
Students of African ancestry often share an experience of being a racialized minority in the context of the educational institution. Late Professor of Anthropology John Ogbu's Cultural-ecological Theory of Academic Disengagement is employed to describe the negative responses encountered by peers in the name of academic achievement. The late(More)
A 55-year-old lady was admitted following a concern raised by family members who had noticed a change in behaviour in terms of declining mood, paranoia with expression of belief that she was being bugged, also reported smelling perfume and after shave lotion. She had a prior diagnosis of bipolar mood disorder and was on lithium but remained no-compliant(More)
Approximately 30% of Canadians will be members of a visible minority by 2031. When dermatology became an independent medical discipline in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, most residents of Canada and the United States were of Northern European descent. Morphology and descriptions of dermatoses are based on patients with light skin. Skin of colour(More)
Objectives: To describe work-related factors, outcomes and economic impact of occupational skin cancer among workers in British Columbia. Design: Retrospective analysis of accepted melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC) worker’s compensation claims from British Columbia (1990 2013). Methods: Claims Management Solutions database contains aggregated(More)
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