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Approximate keyword search in semantic trajectory database
Driven by the advances in location positioning techniques and the popularity of location sharing services, semantic enriched trajectory data have become unprecedentedly available. While findingExpand
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SharkDB: An In-Memory Column-Oriented Trajectory Storage
The last decade has witnessed the prevalence of sensor and GPS technologies that produce a high volume of trajectory data representing the motion history of moving objects. However someExpand
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A Context-Aware User-Item Representation Learning for Item Recommendation
Both reviews and user-item interactions (i.e., rating scores) have been widely adopted for user rating prediction. However, these existing techniques mainly extract the latent representations forExpand
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Interactive Top-k Spatial Keyword queries
  • Kai Zheng, Han Su, +4 authors X. Zhou
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE 31st International Conference on Data…
  • 13 April 2015
Conventional top-k spatial keyword queries require users to explicitly specify their preferences between spatial proximity and keyword relevance. In this work we investigate how to eliminate thisExpand
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REST: A Reference-based Framework for Spatio-temporal Trajectory Compression
The pervasiveness of GPS-enabled devices and wireless communication technologies results in massive trajectory data, incurring expensive cost for storage, transmission, and query processing. ToExpand
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Cost-Efficient Spatial Network Partitioning for Distance-Based Query Processing
The efficiency of spatial query processing is crucial for many applications such as location-based services. In spatial networks, queries like k-NN queries are all based on network distanceExpand
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PaRE: A System for Personalized Route Guidance
The turn-by-turn directions provided in existing navigation applications are exclusively derived from underlying road network topology information, i.e., the connectivity of edges to each other.Expand
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ProbeSim: Scalable Single-Source and Top-k SimRank Computations on Dynamic Graphs
Single-source and top-$k$ SimRank queries are two important types of similarity search in graphs with numerous applications in web mining, social network analysis, spam detection, etc. A plethora ofExpand
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Popularity-aware spatial keyword search on activity trajectories
The proliferation of GPS-enabled smart mobile devices enables us to collect a large-scale trajectories of moving objects with GPS tags. While the raw trajectories that only consists of positionalExpand
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Efficient Retrieval of Top-K Most Similar Users from Travel Smart Card Data
Understanding the dynamics of human daily mobility patterns is essential for the management and planning of urban facilities and services. Travel smart cards, which record users' public transportingExpand
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