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1. In una Nota pubblicata due anni fa p, della pressione p (quest'ultima a meno di una funzione arbi-' tnaria del tempo) in ogni punto P di un dominio limitato (D) e in ógni istante t positivo, qu:alora siano assegnate: a) pa ogni t le forze di massa come funzione di p, P, t, funzione con derivata limitata; rispetto a p; b) all'istante iniziale i valori di(More)
The question of how network topology influences emergent synchronized oscillations in excitable media is addressed. Coupled van der Pol-FitzHugh-Nagumo elements arranged either on regular rings or on clusters of the square lattice are investigated. Clustered and declustered rings are constructed to have the same number of next-nearest-neighbors (four) and a(More)
Some critical considerations on the models of "extended irreversible thermodynamics" are given. By developing a methodology ("invariance of the generators") based both on the ideas of the "extended irreversible thermodynamics" and the "entropy principle" in its general formulation of "rational thermodynamics", a theory for a newtonian thermo-viscous fluid(More)
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