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World Wide Web is a massive repository of web pages and links. It provides information about vast area for the Internet users. There is tremendous growth and development in internet. Users' accesses are documented in web logs. Web usage mining is application of mining techniques in logs. Since due to tremendous usage, the log files are growing at a faster(More)
The Web mining field encompasses a wide array of issues, primarily aimed at deriving actionable knowledge from the Web, and includes researchers from information retrieval, database technologies, and artificial intelligence. Most data used for mining is collected from Web servers, clients, proxy servers, or server databases, all of which generate noisy(More)
Mobile adhoc networks have become enormously common now-a-days. It is free to move independently in any direction. Coordinated channel access protocols have been well suited for uniform load distribution in MANET environment. By applying the dynamic channel allocation algorithm and cooperative load balancing algorithm for managing non-uniform load(More)
Multimedia applications over wireless networks are growing day by day. To provide better user experience the use of overlay network is the promising solution. However, maintaining overlay in wireless network is the challenging task which produces additional overheads. This overhead degrades the quality of the video transmitted over overlay networks. To(More)
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