Bolin Fan

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Low-threshold lasing is observed at the edge of the stop band of a one-dimensional structure-a dye-doped cholesteric liquid-crystal film. The mode closest to the edge has the lowest lasing threshold. The rates of spontaneous and stimulated emission are suppressed within the stop band and enhanced at the band edge. The ratio of right to left circularly(More)
The role of maternal allergen exposure in the allergenicity of the offspring remains controversial. Some studies have shown that maternal exposure is a risk factor for allergy in the offspring, whereas other studies have shown that maternal exposure induces immune tolerance and protects offspring from allergy disease. Therefore, we utilized maternal rat(More)
We demonstrate a sandwich configuration for microfluidic manipulation in LiNbO3 platform based on photovoltaic effect, and the behaviours of dielectric microdroplet under this sandwich configuration are investigated. It is found that the microdroplet can generate in the form of liquid bridge inside the LiNbO3-based sandwich structure under the governing(More)
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