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— The paper deals with an adaptive observer methodology for estimating the parameters of an unknown sinusoidal signal from a measurement perturbed by structured and unstructured uncertainties. The proposed technique makes it possible to handle measurement signals affected by structured uncertainties like, for example, bias and drifts which are typically(More)
— This paper deals with a novel robust estimation methodology yielding the amplitudes, frequencies and phases of the components of a biased multi-sinusoidal signal in presence of a bounded disturbance on the measurement. The proposed method is based on a suitable adaptive observer in which the parameters' adaptation law is equipped with an excitation-based(More)
— In this paper, a parallel pre-filtering scheme is presented to address the problem of estimating the parameters of a sinusoidal signal from biased and noisy measurements. Extending some recent result on pre-filtering-based frequency estimators, a parallel pre-filtering scheme is proposed to deal with the unknown offset and bounded measurement(More)