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— The paper deals with an adaptive observer methodology for estimating the parameters of an unknown sinusoidal signal from a measurement perturbed by structured and unstructured uncertainties. The proposed technique makes it possible to handle measurement signals affected by structured uncertainties like, for example, bias and drifts which are typically(More)
— This paper deals with a novel robust estimation methodology yielding the amplitudes, frequencies and phases of the components of a biased multi-sinusoidal signal in presence of a bounded disturbance on the measurement. The proposed method is based on a suitable adaptive observer in which the parameters' adaptation law is equipped with an excitation-based(More)
— In this paper, a parallel pre-filtering scheme is presented to address the problem of estimating the parameters of a sinusoidal signal from biased and noisy measurements. Extending some recent result on pre-filtering-based frequency estimators, a parallel pre-filtering scheme is proposed to deal with the unknown offset and bounded measurement(More)
— In this paper, an Enhanced Phase-Locked Loop (EPLL) architecture is proposed to deal with the problem of estimating the amplitude, the frequency and the phase of a sinusoidal signal from a noisy measurement. The EPLL scheme is chacterized by an error filter and a phase-feedforward term that are embedded in the estimation algorithm for improved noise(More)
PURPOSE To analyze the effects of different processes during bonding on endogenous cysteine cathepsin activity in dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS Dentin powder, prepared from extracted human third molars, was divided into 10 groups. Two lots of dentin powder were used to detect the effects of the procedure of protein extraction on endogenous cathepsin(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of baicalein and quercetin on the enzymatic resistance of dentin matrix collagen. METHODS Baicalein, quercetin and proanthocyanidin were dissolved in 20% dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) ethanol and prepared into pretreatment agents with a concentration of 50 g/L. Demineralized dentin specimens were prepared and immersed in(More)