Bolesaaw K. Szymanski

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Data grids provide geographically distributed resources for large-scale data-intensive applications that generate large data sets. However, ensuring efficient and fast access to such huge and widely distributed data is hindered by the high latencies of the Internet. To address these problems we introduce a set of replication management services and(More)
Nowadays, almost all text corpora, such as blogs, emails and RSS feeds, are a collection of text streams. The traditional vector space model (VSM), or bag-of-words representation, cannot capture the temporal aspect of these text streams. So far, only a few bursty features have been proposed to create text representations with temporal modeling for the text(More)
This paper describes predictive load balancing schemes designed for use with parallel adaptive finite element methods. We provide an overview of data structures suitable for distributed storage of finite element mesh data as well as software designed for mesh adaptation and load balancing. During the course of a parallel computation, processor load(More)
In this paper a grid computing simulation platform, is implemented based on the OSCI TLM-2.0 standard. TLM-2.0 standard, offered as a layer on top of the System library, is becoming a key solution in system level design. The concurrency facility of TLM-2.0 on one side, and its ease of use on the other side, makes it an ideal choice for modeling and(More)
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