Bolesªaw K Szymanski

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Nowadays, almost all text corpora, such as blogs, emails and RSS feeds, are a collection of text streams. The traditional vector space model (VSM), or bag-of-words representation, cannot capture the temporal aspect of these text streams. So far, only a few bursty features have been proposed to create text representations with temporal modeling for the text(More)
Complex biological, social, and technological systems can be often modeled by weighted networks. The network topology, together with the distribution of available link or node capacity (represented by weights) and subject to cost constraints, strongly affect the dynamics or performance of the networks. Here, we investigate optimization in fundamental(More)
We study the effects of uniform time delays on the extreme fluctuations in stochastic synchronization and coordination problems with linear couplings in complex networks. We obtain the average size of the fluctuations at the nodes from the behavior of the underlying modes of the network. We then obtain the scaling behavior of the extreme fluctuations with(More)
We conduct an extensive numerical analysis of the effects of network damage on dominating sets that occur at either randomly selected nodes or at the highest-degree nodes, in synthetic scale-free and real complex networks. We focus on the fraction of nodes that remain dominated after the damage has occurred, defined as stability. We find that minimum(More)
We study the effects of nonzero time delays in stochastic synchronization problems with linear couplings in complex networks. We consider two types of time delays: transmission delays between interacting nodes and local delays at each node (due to processing, cognitive, or execution delays). By investigating the underlying fluctuations for several delay(More)
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