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Foxg1, formerly BF-1, is expressed continuously in the postnatal and adult hippocampal dentate gyrus (DG). This transcription factor (TF) is thought to be involved in Rett syndrome, which is characterized by reduced hippocampus size, indicating its important role in hippocampal development. Due to the perinatal death of Foxg1(-/-) mice, the function of(More)
The role of gene conversion in murine immunoglobulin gene diversification is unclear. An antibody gene construct designed to provide the homologous donor and acceptor sequences required for conversion mechanisms was produced and used to generate transgenic mice. When these transgenic mice were immunized, DNA sequence transfers between tandem transgene VDJ(More)
Gene conversion has been found to be important in the diversification of antibody genes in chickens and in rabbits. In other species, however, it is not clear whether gene conversion plays any role in antibody diversity. Analysis of an H-chain antibody gene construct that was designed to optimize the detection of gene conversion events in transgenic mice(More)
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