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By combining techniques of watermarking and fingerprinting, a sound buyer-seller watermarking protocol can address the issue of copyright protection in e-commerce. In this paper, we analyze the security of two recent anonymous buyer-seller watermarking protocols proposed by Ju et. al and Choi et. al respectively, and prove that they do not provide the(More)
Password-Authenticated Key Establishment (PAKE) protocols allow two parties, to share common secret keys in an authentic manner based on an easily memorizable password. At ICCSA 2004, an improved PAKE protocol between two clients of different realms was proposed that was claimed to be secure against attacks including the replay attack. In this paper, we(More)
We propose a new definition for searchable proxy re-encryption scheme (Re-PEKS), define the first known searchable proxy re-encryption scheme with a designated tester (RedPEKS), and then give concrete constructions of both Re-PEKS and Re-dPEKS schemes that are secure in the random oracle model, along with the proofs.