Bojiang Ma

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Millimeter wave (mm-wave) communication has been considered as a promising technology for providing short range, high speed data service in wireless networks. In this paper, we apply the mm-wave technology for multimedia content distribution among different wireless devices in smart home networks. We study the resource allocation problem and propose a new(More)
Femtocell networks have the potential to satisfy the increasing demand of mobile data usage. The recently proposed concept of cognitive femtocell network provides an effective way to further improve the spectrum spatial and frequency reuse. In this paper, we study the subchannel allocation problem for orthogonal frequency division multiple access(More)
With the limited wireless spectrum and everincreasing demand for wireless services, increasing wireless network throughput is a pressing issue. To exploit the wireless spatial capacity, concurrent transmissions, if controlled appropriately, can lead to higher wireless spectrum utilization and network throughput. Broadband wireless communication systems(More)
Recently, the multimedia content delivery has replaced the traditional voice communication as the major source of traffic in wireless networks. The deployment of femtocells is promising in satisfying the requirements of these multimedia applications if the interference among the femtocell access points (FAPs) is well-managed. In this paper, we study the(More)
Full duplex relaying, which allows relays to transmit and receive signals simultaneously, can improve the spectrum efficiency and extend the range of device-to-device (D2D) communications. Due to the limited battery of mobile devices, it is essential to design a power-efficient relay selection scheme which can reduce the power consumption of devices and(More)
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