Bojana Nikitović

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We demonstrate the full counteracting ability of stable gastric pentadecapeptide BPC 157 against KCl-overdose (intraperitoneal (i), intragastric (ii), in vitro (iii)), NO-system related. (i) We demonstrated potential (/kg) of: BPC 157 (10ng, 10μg ip, complete counteraction), l-arginine (100mg ip, attenuation) vs. L-NAME (5mg ip, deadly aggravation), given(More)
Background Bradykinin (BK) plays a significant role in pathophysiology of different diseases from angioedema to brain stroke and heart attack by inducing vasodilatation and increasing capillary permeability. We investigate the potential effects of natriuretic peptides on BK signaling by measuring membrane potential (Vm) of HEK293 cells using the whole cell(More)
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