Bojana Krstonošić

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A qualitative analysis of the morphology of human putamen nerve cells involves a detailed description of the structure and features of neurons and, accordingly, their classification into already defined classes and types. In our sample of 301 neurons, 64.78 % (195) were spiny and 35.22 % (106) aspiny cells. By analyzing cell bodies and dendritic trees, we(More)
The caudate nucleus, as a part of the striatum (neostriatum or dorsal striatum), is involved in the control of cognitive, motor and limbic functions. The majority of the caudate nucleus cells are projection spiny neurons, whose activity is determined by excitatory inputs from the cortex, thalamus, globus pallidus and brainstem. A qualitative analysis of(More)
Many measurements in biology follow distributions that can be approximated well by the normal distribution. The normal distribution plays an extremely important role in probability theory. However, some of the experimental data in biology are distributed asymmetrically. In order to transform such an asymmetrical distribution into a normal distribution, for(More)
  • Vojnosanitetski Pregled, Russia Andrej Aleksandrov, Assoc Prof Kiyoshi, Ameno, Japan Rocco Bellantone, Hod Hanoch +106 others
  • 2011
Tehnički sekretar uređivačkog odbora dr Maja Marković REDAKCIJA mr sc. med. Kvantitativna analiza promene numeričke gustine neurona zupčastog jedra čoveka tokom razvoja Quantitative analysis of the change in neuronal numerical density of the human nucleus dentatus within development.. Uticaj histeroskopije na ishod postupaka vantelesne oplodnje Effect of(More)
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