Bojan Nikolić

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The contact thermometry has been performed at the center of lesions, at the periphery and at the adjoining healthy skin in 10 patients with alopecia areata (AA) of the scalp. The lowest temperature was recorded in the center of lesions (approximately 33.55 degrees C), slightly higher in the periphery (approximately 33.71 degrees C) and the highest in the(More)
The success of any ALMA phase-calibration strategy, which incorporates phase transfer, depends on a good understanding of how the atmospheric path delay changes with frequency (e.g. Holdaway & Pardo 2001). We explore how the wet dispersive path delay varies for realistic atmospheric conditions at the ALMA site using the ATM transmission code. We find the(More)
Mycological findings of 2,447 skin specimens were analyzed. The aim of the study was to estimate the methodology for mycological examination, frequency of particular fungal species isolation and localization on the skin. Fungi were found in 591 specimens: 53.64% microscopically and isolated in cultures, 31.47% only microscopically and 14.89% only isolated(More)
We have presented a 12-year-old boy with angiokeratoma circumscriptum on his left knee. The lesion first appeared at the age of eight as a dark brown nodus with the verrucous surface. It bled easily even after mild trauma this being a principal reason for the hospital admission and surgical excision in toto. Pathohistological examination confirmed the(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Accessory bones are most commonly found on the feet and they represent an anatomic variant. They occur when there is a failure in the formation of a unique bone from separated centre of ossification. The aim of this study was to establish their frequency and medical significance. METHODS Anteroposterior and lateral foot radiography was(More)
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