Bojan Miladinovic

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Driving in low visibility conditions (night time, fog or heavy precipitation) is particularly challenging task with an increased probability of traffic accidents and possible injuries. Road Nail is a solar powered intelligent road marking system of wirelessly networked signaling devices that improve driver safety in low visibility conditions along hazardous(More)
In this paper we present Road Nail, an intelligent road marking system with the wireless network of signaling devices that are mounted near the road edge. “Nails” or signaling devices are autonomous nodes with capability to accumulate electrical energy into battery which is obtained from solar panels. In addition, the nodes exchange wireless(More)
In this paper we present a radio-frequency (RF) method for remote controller pointing and device pairing. The method is based on short-range 2.4 GHz radio transmissions over IEEE 802.15.4 network, and a decision-making algorithm that compares radio measurements from multiple devices and decides on the device that the remote controller is pointing at.(More)
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