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Bonhoeffer’s Social Theology
This chapter begins with an introduction to Bonhoeffer’s own conceptual framework focusing on a selection of thinkers—Toeltsch, Seeberg and von Harnack—who, during his studies in Berlin, influencedExpand
Žižek’s Political Theology
After introducing Žižek’s conceptual framework of Hegel, Marx and Lacan who shape the general method of his critical analysis as a philosopher of contradiction, the chapter provides an account ofExpand
Critical theology: why Hegel now?
ABSTRACT This article is an argument for furthering the understanding, role and scope of critical theology in reflection on the act, content and implications of theological thought throughExpand
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When Žižek met the Church Fathers: A contextual consideration
This article considers the functionality, method and import of the critical theorist Slavoj Žižek’s engagement with theology against the wider intellectual backdrop of the relationship between anExpand
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Conclusion: Radical Critical Theology
After a brief summary or evaluation of the lessons from this critical (symptomatic) reading, the conclusion argues that this engagement is model for development of a presuppositionless criticalExpand