Bojan Grcar

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This paper presents a novel voltage-angle-based field-weakening control scheme appropriate for the operation of permanent-magnet synchronous machines over a wide range of speed. At high rotational speed, the stator voltage is limited by the inverter dc bus voltage. To control the machine torque above the base speed, the proposed method controls the angle of(More)
The paper examines the synchronous machine oscillations. The linearized model of the synchronous machine was used for the eigenvalue analysis. The analysis shows that it is reasonable to apply adaptive stabilizer. The adaptive controller based on the model reference adaptive control theory is presented. Simulation and experimental results show the(More)
— Control methods for pulsation of torque reduction for the surface-mounted permanent magnet motors are discussed in the paper. The pulsation torque is a consequence of the non-sinusoidal flux distribution and due to interaction of the rotor's permanent magnets with the changing stator reluctance. Proposed control method is estimator based. To assure(More)