Bohumil Horák

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Mobile embedded systems are a part of standard applications of distributed system control in real time. An example of a mobile control system is the robotic system. The software part of a distributed control system is realized by decision making and executive agents. The algorithm of agents cooperation was proposed with the control agent on a higher level.(More)
In this paper we developed system for coordinatization the robot-soccer game. This coordinatization we want to use for strategy extraction. The robot soccer is bimilar ant-like systems, which take advantage of agents' situatedness to reduce or eliminate the need for centralized control or global knowledge. This reduces the need for complexity of individuals(More)
The R&D Team SAES (Systems of the Alternate Energy Sources) is a group of teachers, technicians and research and development workers focussing on issues related to sensors, measuring, controlling, and intelligent management of systems using alternative energy sources. The team manages a number of learning and research laboratories and participates in(More)
We have developed a method of representing robotic soccer game. This representation is used for controlling robots playing soccer. Our approach to robot soccer is to view it as a local interaction game, which reduces the need for centralized control. In this paper we describe both hardware and software implementation that is used by robots. Virtual grid is(More)