Bohumil Horák

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In this paper we developed system for coordinatization the robot-soccer game. This coordinatization we want to use for strategy extraction. The robot soccer is bimilar ant-like systems, which take advantage of agents’ situatedness to reduce or eliminate the need for centralized control or global knowledge. This reduces the need for complexity of individuals(More)
Mobile embedded systems are a part of standard applications of distributed system control in real time. An example of a mobile control system is the robotic system. The software part of a distributed control system is realized by decision making and executive agents. The algorithm of agents cooperation was proposed with the control agent on a higher level.(More)
Electric cars are becoming a serious competition for the common artificial fuel driven cars in small city agglomerates and short distances. With the new developments on the field of state-of-art accumulators, electric cars are becoming much more that just a single use items, but can serve a number of roles. One of them is possibility to use excessive energy(More)
We have developed a method of representing robotic soccer game. This representation is used for controlling robots playing soccer. Our approach to robot soccer is to view it as a local interaction game, which reduces the need for centralized control. In this paper we describe both hardware and software implementation that is used by robots. Virtual grid is(More)