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Wind turbines in tourism landscapes: Czech Experience
Abstract This study proposes to assess and empirically verify possible negative effects from the construction of wind turbines on the landscape image and tourism potential of affected areas, usingExpand
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Energy tourism: An emerging field of study
After conceptualizing the interrelationships between energy and tourism, the authors provide a definition of energy tourism as a new niche of industrial tourism, theorize on how it overlaps withExpand
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Location Matters! Exploring Brownfields Regeneration in a Spatial Context (A Case Study of the South Moravian Region, Czech Republic)
Abstract In this paper the authors attempt to answer the question of which location and site-specific factors have a decisive influence on the successful regeneration of brownfields. Using data fromExpand
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Assessing Success Factors of Brownfields Regeneration: International and Inter-Stakeholder Perspective
The paper presents the results of an international comparative survey of stakeholders from four European countries (the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland and Romania). The aim was to identify andExpand
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Renewable energy investment and job creation; a cross-sectoral assessment for the Czech Republic with reference to EU benchmarks
The development of renewable energy sources has been primarily justified on the ground of environmental policies and energy security, but new jobs opportunities and establishment of new economyExpand
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Destiny of Urban Brownfields: Spatial Patterns and Perceived Consequences of Post-Socialistic Deindustrialization
Compared to Western European or North American countries with developed market economies, the formation and acceptance of brownfields in post-socialist countries was delayed by approximately 30Expand
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Living on coal: Mined-out identity, community displacement and forming of anti-coal resistance in the Most region, Czech Republic
This paper provides new insights about the factors shaping social acceptance of and opposition to coal mining. It is based on a comparative survey of communities living in two towns with differentExpand
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New Trends and Challenges for Energy Geographies: Introduction to The Special Issue
In 1961, the Canadian geographer John D. Chapman recognized the rapid growth in demand for inanimate energy and the role geographers could be playing in explaining its patterns and importance in theExpand
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Targeted selection of brownfields from portfolios for sustainable regeneration: User experiences from five cases testing the Timbre Brownfield Prioritization Tool.
Prioritizing brownfields for redevelopment in real estate portfolios can contribute to more sustainable regeneration and land management. Owners of large real estate and brownfield portfolios areExpand
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Exploring spatial patterns of urban brownfields regeneration: The case of Brno, Czech Republic
Previous studies have demonstrated that the location of brownfields is an important factor affecting potential investor decisions and brownfields regeneration. In this study, the spatial patterns ofExpand
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