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BACKGROUND Compared with open oesophagectomy (OE), minimally invasive oesophagectomy (MIO) proves to have benefits in reducing the risk of pulmonary complications for patients with resectable oesophageal cancer. However, it is unknown whether MIO has superiority in reducing the occurrence of in-hospital mortality (IHM). OBJECTIVE The objective of this(More)
  • B Shi, Q Wang
  • 1999
OBJECTIVE To design an individual operation procedure that can be adaptable to various deformity of bilateral cleft lip and to assure the symmetry of lip and cupid's bow postoperatively in bilateral cleft lip. METHODS The distance from both sides of columella to cupid's bow peaks in prolabium as well as both sides of alar base to cupid's bow peaks in(More)
  • B Shi
  • 2000
OBJECTIVE To study the difference of operative designs in unilateral cleft lip repair according to characteristic deformity of each patient with unilateral cleft lip. METHODS The distance from both alar bases and midpoint of columella base to both peaks of Cupid's bow were consulted is equal as standard design model. The mark point and incision of(More)
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