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Honglong Century Plaza is a modern building in the central business district of Shenzhen. In order to show the magnificent building, this film adopts the techniques of fluid dynamics, steel dynamics, and particles. The common practice of using live-action plates and three-dimensional animation adds a sense of real life to the commentary.
  • References, K Ahrendt, +31 authors Tyre
  • 2013
Laplace transforms for the nabla-difference operator and a fractional variation of parameters formula, Communications in Applied Math., accepted and to appear. Nonlinear diffusion models with peridynamic-type nonlocality, in progress. Steady state models for nonlocal heat conduction in peridynamics, in progress. Robust population management under(More)
This architectural visualization uses 3D graphics to reveal the creation and placement of the Nobel Center, an office building developed and constructed by China Railway that is considered by some to be a perfect combination of modern construction techniques and architectural art.
This commercial about a residential project continues the unique creative pursuit of Dans Digital. The spot includes a large volume of visual effects, which strengthen its visual impact and viewing enjoyment.
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