Bohdan S. Butkiewicz

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BACKGROUND Clinically significant primary biliary cirrhosis occurs in 2.5% of patients with systemic sclerosis. Primary biliary cirrhosis-specific autoantibodies include anti-mitochondrial, anti-glycoprotein 210, and anti-sp100 antibodies. The majority of asymptomatic anti-mitochondrial-positive subjects express histological features of primary biliary(More)
Clustering approaches organize a set of objects into groups whose members are proximate according to some similarity function defined on lowlevel features, assuming that their values are not subject to any kind of uncertainty. Furthermore, these methods assume that similarity is measured by accounting only the degree in which two entities are related,(More)
This paper presents an entire scheme for the estimation of a sparse disparity map from stereo pair images. In contrary to a dense disparity map, for which disparity values are calculated for each pixel of image, the sparse disparity map is determined only for some distinguished set of pixels from an image. The pixels belong to this set are called features.(More)
In the paper fuzzy controllers with if ... then type of rules are considered. Each rule can contain linguistic values joint by sentence conjunctions “and”, “or”. Rules are jointed by word “also”. Different mathematical interpretations are used for “and”, “or”, “also” during approximate reasoning. Rules with same consequences can be aggregated in one rule or(More)
We consider the problem of control error of a fuzzy system with feedback. The system consists of a plant, linear or nonlinear, fuzzy controller, and feedback loop. As controller we use both PD and PI fuzzy type controllers. We apply different t-norm and co-norm: logic, algebraic, Yager, Hamacher, bounded, drastic, etc. in the process of fuzzy reasoning.(More)