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The developed algorithm for the purpose of curve detection is presented. This technique is based on the Radon transform usage. The developed tool was applied to both simulated and real data. The performances of algorithm for curve detection were investigated. A peak detection method was used to determine the number of curves and their parameters. According(More)
The new method for computation of Radon transform was presented. It is based on non-linear transformation of the length of linear features in parameter domain. The method of affine parameter estimation in parameter domain of this transform were proposed and its characteristics were investigated.
The review of the main methods for lossless images compression that can be used in remote sensing tasks are given. The major advantages and disadvantages of image compression methods in terms of implementation on FPGA are shown. The recommendations are made for the use of compression techniques in the construction of onboard systems for remote sensing.
All stages of process of fingerprint identification system's development are considered. Such parts of the system as: compression, preprocessing, postprocessing, feature extraction, feature comparison and device creation are described. Developed image compression algorithm is based on wavelet decomposition and is adapted to fingerprint images. Features(More)