Bohai Zhang

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This paper introduces a new matching topology in the design of approximated continuous Class-F PAs for obtaining high efficiency in wideband, and justifies this topology reasonable by analyzing waveforms at the current-generator and package plane of device. The real part of impedance in this proposed topology can achieve the characteristic of nearby zero(More)
In this paper, a broadband high-efficiency supply modulator is proposed. This modulator, with a node controlled by ΔΣ modulator's output, consists of a conventional Class-E amplifier and a Class-E rectifier. The configurations and operation principles of this modulator are introduced to explain the envelope reconstruction process. The(More)
Gaussian process emulator with separable covariance function has been utilized extensively in modelling large computer model outputs. The assumption of separability imposes constraints on the emulator and may negatively affect its performance in some applications where separability may not hold. We propose a multi-output Gaussian process emulator with a(More)
Various continuously-indexed spatio-temporal process models have been constructed to characterize spatio-temporal dependence structures, but the computational complexity for model fitting and predictions grows in a cubic order with the size of dataset and application of such models is not feasible for large datasets. This article extends the full-scale(More)
Novel microstrip multi-section coupled-line resonator is proposed. This kind of resonator can give us more flexibilities to design the microstrip line filter since it covers two different regions to settle the coupling coefficients of the filters and these two different regions are connected by two un-coupled transmission line. A highly selective bandpass(More)
Remote sensing platforms can collect measurements on a global scale within a few days, which provides an unprecedented opportunity to characterize and understand the spatio-temporal variability of environmental variables. Because of the additional challenges of making precise and accurate measurements from space, it is essential to validate satellite remote(More)
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