Boguslaw Grzesik

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The paper presents a proposal for capacitance and inductance selection procedure of the modular multilevel converter. Two analysis criteria are taken into consideration, the circulating current and voltage ripple across submodule capacitors. Results are obtained numerically by using the converter averaged model based on state equations. In the modular(More)
The EMI filters are usually used for suppression of electromagnetic conducted interference of range 9 kHz-30 MHz. The efficiency of electromagnetic interference filter is described by attenuation characteristics. The value of attenuation of EMI filter depends on main parameters of filter’s elements and its parasitic parameters. Therefore the high frequency(More)
This paper presents selected issues connected with the design and implementation of the 6-DOF parallel manipulator driven by permanent magnet brushless DC motors. The consideration of platform kinematics structure, computer design and simulation of mechanical framework as well as building and utilization of the reduced-scale physical are presented. The(More)
Multilevel converters have become an attractive choice for high voltage and high power applications. One of the most popular multilevel converter topologies is the cascaded H-bridge converter. Besides its simplicity this topology requires separate DC sources. In electric drive applications these DC sources are normally performed by multi-winding(More)
The paper presents the dc-link voltage balancing method for a five-level hybrid asymmetric multilevel converter based on a neutral point clamped (NPC) converter with H-bridge (HB) converters. The considered converter, which is referred to as NPC-HB, is treated in this paper as a modification of the classic three-level NPC converter. It improves the harmonic(More)
Proposed high frequency (1 MHz) coaxial linear transformer has many advantages: high efficiency (99.26%), high coupling of windings and high power density(2.6 kW). The main drawbacks are relatively high power losses generated in interconnections and leads. The paper contains analysis of these losses that has been done with ANSYS (FEM), basing on 2D and 3D(More)
The aim of the paper is FEM analysis of single coil BLDC motor operated as drive of small piston pump. The paper contains analysis of design, distribution of magnetic field, forces and torque under static and dynamic conditions. Voltages, currents, signals waveforms are also given as the results of analysis. The cogging torque and total torque are discussed(More)
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