Bogusław Musiatowicz

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We identified 4316 unselected incident cases of early-onset breast cancers (<51 ears of age at diagnosis) in 18 Polish hospitals between 1996 and 2003. We were able to obtain a blood sample for DNA analysis from 3472 of these (80.4%). All cases were tested for the presence of three founder mutations in BRCA1. The proportion of cases with a BRCA1 mutation(More)
A morphometrical analysis of changes in the heart of rats with experimental lung emphysema due to single intratracheal administration of papain solution has been done. Special attention has been paid to quantitative changes of capillaries and to the cardiomyocyte diameter in respective regions of the myocardium after one, three and six months following the(More)
The authors retrospectively reviewed the cytological slides of 44 histopathologically confirmed fibroepithelial lesions of the breast, of which 11 were fibroadenoma (FA), 19 benign phyllodes tumours (PTLGM), 8 borderline (PTBM) and 6 malignant (PTHGM). The 2 FA misdiagnosed as PTLGM in cytological smears were both of cellular type. NORS were quantified in a(More)
Extensive application of new methods in histopathology has resulted in large quantities of data on molecular markers in different types of human tumors. The main purpose has been to obtain additional parameters for the characterization of various types of malignancy to give more precise information on their biological behavior. In this study we tested AgNOR(More)
The routine preoperative cytological evaluation of pathological changes of the thyroid more and more frequently reveals single or multiple Hürthl cells in the material obtained by the method of fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNA). Hürthl cells are a degenerative form of epithelial follicular cells of the thyroid and cytological examination is insufficient(More)