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High resolution rotational spectroscopy of weakly bound ionic clusters: ArH3+, ArD3+
The first high-resolution study of weakly bound cluster ions is reported. The millimeter- and submillimeter-wave rotational spectra of ArH/sub 3/ /sup +/ and ArD/sub 3/ /sup +/ have been observed inExpand
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Nonclassical double-bridged structure in silicon-containing molecules: Experimental evidence in Si2H2 from its submillimeter-wave spectrum.
The first spectroscopic evidence of a double-bridged silicon molecule is reported. The submillimeterwave rotational spectrum of the disilyne Si 2 H 2 has been observed in a low-power silane plasmaExpand
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Sub-Millimeter-Wave Spectroscopy of the Ar.H+3 and Ar.D+3 Ionic Complexes.
  • Bailleux, Bogey, +6 authors Coudert
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of molecular spectroscopy
  • 1 July 1998
An investigation of the sub-millimeter-wave spectra of the ionic complexes Ar.H+3 and Ar.D+3 is presented. These complexes were produced in a negative glow electric discharge, in mixtures of argonExpand
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Rotational Spectrum of CBr by Kinetic Microwave Spectroscopy of 193-nm Photolysis Products of Bromoform.
We have measured the first millimeter-wave spectrum of CBr. The radical was produced by pulsed UV-laser photolysis of bromoform at 193 nm and detected using kinetic spectroscopy. We haveExpand
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