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INTRODUCTION The history of HIV/AIDS in Romania is different compared to the rest of the world. Here, the vast majority of HIV-positive patients have been infected since infancy and have been receiving HAART treatment for at least ten years. This situation is a unique environment to check for long-term cardiac involvement in HIV-positive patients with a(More)
Methods We performed a retrospective study over a period of four years (2007-2010) which included all patients diagnosed and treated for left-sided valve infective endocarditis (IE) in the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balş”, Bucharest. The main objective of our study was assessing the pathological features and early outcomes(More)
A1 The outcome of patients with recurrent versus non-recurrent pneumococcal meningitis in a tertiary health-care hospital in Bucharest Cristian-Mihail Niculae, Eliza Manea, Raluca Jipa, Simona Merisor, Ruxandra Moroti, Serban Benea, Adriana Hristea National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balș”, Bucharest, Romania; Carol Davila University(More)
Case report We present the patient evolution, who in February 2014, following emergency surgery for occlusive syndrome presented severe cardiac decompensation and MDR GNB bronchopneumonia requiring advanced support of vital functions and various combinations of antibiotics (ABT) decided in the ICU. After 32 days of complex therapeutic efforts and support of(More)
Background It is well known that patients with severe neutropenia are susceptible to bacterial infections, which may become lifethreatening. This hematologic disorder frequently occurs as an adverse effect of certain drug therapies. One of them, currently encountered in practice, is therapy with antithyroid drugs. An infective source is identified in(More)
Methods We performed a retrospective study exclusively on cases of sepsis and severe sepsis, in which we analyzed the records of the patients admitted in our ward last year. We included 131 patients, with a mean age of 64 years. Of all patients admitted to the ICU, 73 died and 74 required mechanical ventilation for a mean duration of over 6 days. These data(More)
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