Bogdan Wróbel

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In this report, the distributions of calreticulin (CRT) and its transcripts in Haemanthus pollen, pollen tubes, and somatic cells of the hollow pistil were studied. Immunoblot analysis of protein extracts from mature anthers, dry and germinated pollen, growing pollen tubes, and unpollinated/pollinated pistils revealed a strong expression of CRT. Both in(More)
Small nuclear ribonucleoproteins (snRNPs) play a fundamental role in pre-mRNA processing in the nucleus. The biogenesis of snRNPs involves a sequence of events that occurs in both the nucleus and cytoplasm. Despite the wealth of biochemical information about the cytoplasmic assembly of snRNPs, little is known about the spatial organization of snRNPs in the(More)
The hemivertebras constitute about 33% of all congenital defects of spine and can be detected accidentally during diagnostics of pain syndrome of spine or other neurological disturbances. In the paper is introduced the case of patient with pain syndrome of spine (man, physical worker, 47years old), who was directed to the rehabilitation ward with(More)
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