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A large number of project management applications currently exist, some focusing on certain features or domains, while others are designed to work in multiple scenarios and domains. Task delegation and resource allocation is one of the crucial parts of project management. Errors in this aspect can result in significant loss of time, resources and deficient(More)
Project management can be defined as a complex set of activities that are performed by project managers, individuals or larger entities, that requires proper application of skills, knowledge, tools and techniques in order to reach or exceed project requirements. Two of the most important skills or techniques that greatly influence the end result of a(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Castleman's disease is a rare disorder situated at the boundary between reactive and neoplastic conditions. The pathogenesis is a subject of debate and the limited number of cases renders the study of the disease difficult. In our paper we present a series of six cases of Castleman disease with emphasis on the clinical presentation,(More)
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