Bogdan Orza

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The perspective projection models the way a 3D scene is transformed into a 2D image, usually through a camera or an eye. In a projective transformation, parallel lines intersect in a point called vanishing point. This paper presents in detail two calibration methods that exploit the properties of vanishing points. The aim of the paper is to offer a(More)
Most of the articles published in the last years present the asynchronous collaborative components integrated into the E-Health complex applications. They do not refer to the synchronous collaboration among the medical staff. A possible approach is because E-Health systems are patient-centered and the physicians, nurses and paramedics have to collaborate in(More)
The performance evolution of the computers enabled us to efficiently build and exploit software platforms dedicated to research on color image indexing and classification. This paper presents a method for unsupervised image indexing using as main classification feature the color distribution of true color images. The goal of the paper is to evaluate and(More)
The "i2010 – A European Information Society for growth and employment" initiative was launched by the Commission on 1 June 2005 as a framework for addressing the main challenges and developments in the information society and media sectors up to 2010. It promotes an open and competitive digital economy and emphasizes ICT as a driver of inclusion and quality(More)
Since the resolution of images increased in the past few years, the requirements for large storage space and fast process, directly in the compressed domain, becomes essential. Fuzzy rule-based contrast enhancement, is a well-known rather simple approach with good visual results, but as any fuzzy algorithm, it is by default nonlinear, thus not(More)
In order for children to maximize their athletic performances as young athletes, they must engage in high-performance sports resulting in the neglection of the academic training. As the athletic career comes to an end, the lack of certain non-athletic competences influences the difficulty of socio-professional reintegration of the former athlete. The(More)
The article proposes new concepts and methods the authors used for designing a hybrid infrastructure that allows the economic agents in different business domains to create and maintain virtual business communities. The presented approach highlights several advantages of the hybrid telecommunication system designed for improving the collaborative(More)