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Synopsis This study introduces a new approach (based on the Continuous Wavelet Transform Modulus Maxima method) to describe qualitatively and quantitatively the complex temporal patterns of seismicity, their multifractal and clustering properties in particular. Firstly, we analyse the temporal characteristics of intermediate depth seismic activity in the(More)
Slow slip events (SSEs) are another mode of fault deformation than the fast faulting of regular earthquakes. Such transient episodes have been observed at plate boundaries in a number of subduction zones around the globe. The SSEs near the Boso Peninsula, central Japan, are among the most documented SSEs, with the longest repeating history, of almost 30 y,(More)
Synopsis This work reviews some results obtained already for the variations of the seismicity parameters b and p in different seismogenic and tectonic regions in Japan. We bring as well new evidence that the time and space changes in seismicity parameters are correlating well with the crustal structure and/or some parameters of the earthquake process. In(More)
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