Bogdan Culic

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OBJECTIVES To objectively determine the difference in colour between the peri-implant soft tissue at titanium and zirconia abutments. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eleven patients, each with two contralaterally inserted osteointegrated dental implants, were included in this study. The implants were restored either with titanium abutments and(More)
BACKGROUND The present paper describes the oral manifestations in a 16-year-old boy previously diagnosed with Apert syndrome. PATIENT AND METHODS The extraoral and intraoral pathological findings were recorded. The following intraoral parameters were recorded: plaque and calculus deposits, dental caries, periodontal status, malpositions, and occlusion.(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess the importance attributed to dental aesthetics by subjects from a Romanian community. In addition, the role played by dental color, the group-distributions based on the self-evaluation of dental color and the previous experience regarding whitening treatments are analysed. METHODS A multiple-choice questionnaire was administered to(More)
INTRODUCTION Shade is one of the most important attributes when evaluating the success of a restoration. Several factors can influence the visual shade matching process, and therefore the outcome of the final restoration. OBJECTIVES 1. to assess the importance of clinical experience on shade matching accuracy; 2. to assess the influence of two standard(More)
UNLABELLED In vitro testing of new experimental materials has been introduced for many years as a method to evaluate them in simulated conditions, before the clinical trials. Our study has investigated a new experimental composite resin C1 and adhesive system Ad1 by scanning electron microscope (SEM) studies and microleakage tests. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
ANCA MESAROS1*, CAMELIA ALB1, BOGDAN CULIC1, MICHAELA MESAROS2, MARIOARA MOLDOVAN3, LAURA BRU-CIFRE1, MINDRA BADEA4 1 Iuliu Hatieganu ̈ University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Department of Dental Propaedeutics and Aesthetics, 32 Clinicilor Str., 400006, Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2 Iuliu Hatieganu ̈ University of Medicine and Pharmacy,(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the shade-matching performance of dental students when using a new light-correcting device with polarization filter. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 21 observers assessed the shade of the upper frontal teeth in one patient under three lighting conditions: daylight (A), daylight and a light-correcting device (Smile Lite, Switzerland)(More)
The aim is to measure the color difference between two images of the same object taken before and after a treatment that resulted in color change (such as teeth bleaching i.e. teeth treatment with different whitening products). Image calibration is a necessary component for the comparison of colors between the objects contained in the images. The two(More)
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