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In this paper we introduce a real-time obstacle detection and classification system designed to assist visually impaired people to navigate safely, in indoor and outdoor environments, by handling a smartphone device. We start by selecting a set of interest points extracted from an image grid and tracked using the multiscale Lucas - Kanade algorithm. Then,(More)
In the most recent report published by the World Health Organization concerning people with visual disabilities it is highlighted that by the year 2020, worldwide, the number of completely blind people will reach 75 million, while the number of visually impaired (VI) people will rise to 250 million. Within this context, the development of dedicated(More)
In this paper we propose a novel spherical parameterization for closed, genus-0, two-manifold, 3Dtriangular meshes. The key point of our method concerns the Gaussian curvature criterion involved, which makes it possible to detect iteratively salient mesh vertices and to locally flatten them, until a sphere-like surface, adapted to a direct spherical(More)