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A slow oscillatory eye movement was discovered in a 20-min-long recording. The frequency of this slow oscillation was lower than any known eye movement. Fixational eye movements were recorded in seven healthy subjects with four different recording techniques and with different sampling frequencies. The frequency of the oscillation is 0.04–0.10 Hz, and the(More)
A slow oscillatory movement (SOM) has previously been discovered superimposed on the three well known components of fixational eye movements. The purpose of the present study was to explore the visual influence on the control mechanism of the SOM. Three tests with different fixation targets and backgrounds were prepared. The eye position during a fixation(More)
Air pollution is one of the key environmental problems associated with urbanization and land use. Taking Wuhan city, Central China, as a case example, we explore the quantitative relationship between land use (built-up land, water bodies, and vegetation) and air quality (SO2, NO2, and PM10) based on nine ground-level monitoring sites from a long-term(More)
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