Boel Westin

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BACKGROUND Systemic ketamine can trigger apoptosis in the brain of rodents and primates during susceptible developmental periods. Clinically, spinally administered ketamine may improve the duration or quality of analgesia in children. Ketamine-induced spinal cord toxicity has been reported in adult animals but has not been systematically studied in early(More)
BACKGROUND Preclinical studies demonstrate increased neuroapoptosis after general anesthesia in early life. Neuraxial techniques may minimize potential risks, but there has been no systematic evaluation of spinal analgesic safety in developmental models. We aimed to validate a preclinical model for evaluating dose-dependent efficacy, spinal cord toxicity,(More)
In twelve healthy pregnant women the fetal heart rate response to sound stimulation was tested every second week between the 22nd and the 34th week of the pregnancy. Habituation to the acoustic stimuli used was also investigated at the last examination. A high risk material for hearing impairment comprised 31 pregnant women. The stimuli were presented by a(More)
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