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STUDY DESIGN This study analyzed an education and training program concerning back and pelvic problems among pregnant women. OBJECTIVE The program was aimed at reducing back and pelvic posterior pain during pregnancy. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Low back and posterior pelvic pain accounts for the majority of sick leave among pregnant women. No previous(More)
The dopaminergic stabilizers pridopidine [4-(3-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)-1-propylpiperidine] and ordopidine [1-ethyl-4-(2-fluoro-3-(methylsulfonyl)phenyl)piperidine] inhibit psychostimulant-induced hyperactivity, and stimulate behaviour in states of hypoactivity. While both compounds act as dopamine D2 receptor antagonists in vitro, albeit with low affinity,(More)
Iron absorption, bone-marrow smears and haematological parameters were repeatedly studied during pregnancy in 50 women. The same studies were repeated two months after delivery. The material was randomly divided into two groups. Twenty-four women were treated with 200 mg of ferrous iron daily while 26 were given placebo. The iron absorption was measured(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of the study was to focus on aspects of the decision-making process among women having first and repeat abortion, in comparison with women continuing their pregnancies with or without having experienced abortions. METHODS In a study of 401 pregnant women, (simple random sample) 20-29 years of age, 137 having first abortion (A1), 64(More)
For medical reasons, encouraging women to stop smoking during pregnancy and post partum has high priority. Many smokers want to stop smoking but decline clinical treatment when it is offered. The aim of this study was to find a method which was accepted by a large number of smokers, had a high success rate and, at the same time, required little involvement(More)
In earlier studies using the recently introduced extrinsic tag technique meals were carefully minced and mixed with the extrinsic tracer to ensure complete isotopic exchange. In the present paper the validity of simpler and more realistic techniques to label and serve composite meals was evaluated. Equal or almost equal absorption figures were found when(More)
The prevalence of iron deficiency was determined in Göteborg, Sweden, in a sample of 15- to 16-y-old girls (n = 220) and boys (n = 207) using serum ferritin (SF). In a recent study in women on the relationship between SF and stainable bone marrow iron, it was established that at a cutoff value for SF of < 16 micrograms/L in 75% of women with no iron stores(More)