Bodo Scholz

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This paper proposes two methods for reconstructing current distributions from biomagnetic measurements. Both of these methods are based on estimating the source-current covariance matrix from the measured-data covariance matrix. One method is the reconstruction of average current intensity distributions. This method first estimates the source-current(More)
In the context of assessing the impact of management and environmental factors on animal health, behaviour or performance it has become increasingly important to conduct (epidemiological) studies in the field. Hence, the number of investigated farms per study is considerably high so that numerous observers are needed for investigation. In order to maintain(More)
The provision for dustbathing material will be a legal requirement in cage-housing systems for laying hens within the European Union beginning in 2012. At present, food particles are widely used and typically offered in small amounts on Astroturf mats one or more times per day to facilitate dustbathing, pecking, and scratching. In the present study, we(More)
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