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In Japan, total mortality of men and women in the age groups of 45–54, 55–64, and 65–74 years decreased, within the last three decades, by 50–60% to values which are now among the lowest in the world. During the same period, death rates of men decreased by approx. 20% in the USA and approx. 10% in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). As to women,(More)
The extent and dynamics of changes by short (1 min) or prolonged (6 min) tourniquet application while obtaining venous blood samples were analysed with respect ot 33 frequently measured constituents of blood and serum. After 6-minute tourniquet application the values for red cells, haemoglobin, packed cell volume, total protein, albumen, gamma-glutamyl(More)
Acute aspiration of a liquid hydrocarbon mixture by fire eaters may cause severe lipoid pneumonia. The toxic effect of ingested hydrocarbon chains depends on their length and biophysical qualities. We report the case of a patient who accidentally aspirated a hydrocarbon liquid resulting in a lipoid pneumonia. The pathomechanism, diagnostic work-up, and the(More)
In a comparative study, the differences between the values measured for 26 blood and serum components in both winter and summer were determined in 78 healthy subjects. Comparable conditions during the preparation of test persons, sampling, processing of specimens, and measurement were strictly observed. The term "season" is defined more precisely by(More)
Over the last years several case reports and articles have been published suggesting that a new form of chronic pancreatitis has been diagnosed and named autoimmune pancreatitis. The present overview scrutinizes the proposed evidence in the light of the current literature and aims to prove whether autoimmune pancreatitis is a special entity of chronic(More)