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In the present paper, the solution of nonlinear elliptic boundary value problems (b.v.p.) on parallel machines with Multiple Instruction Multiple Data (MIMD) architecture is discussed. Especially, we consider electro{magnetic eld problems the numerical solution of which is based on nite element discretizations and a nested Newton solver. For solving the(More)
The use of the FEM and BEM in diierent subdomains of a non{overlapping Domain Decomposition (DD) and their coupling over the coupling boundaries (interfaces) brings about several advantages in many practical applications. The paper presents parallel solvers for large-scaled coupled FE{BE{DD equations approximating linear and nonlinear plane magnetic eld(More)
This paper presents the analysis of a distributed parabolic optimal control problem in a multiharmonic setting. In particular, the desired state is assumed to be multiharmonic. After eliminating the control from the optimality system, we arrive at the reduced optimality system for the state and the co-state that is nothing but a coupled system of a forward(More)
Among the well-known constants in the theory of boundary integral equations are the coercivity constants of the single layer potential and the hypersingular boundary integral operator, and the contraction constant of the double layer potential. Whereas there have been rigorous studies how these constants depend on the size and aspect ratio of the underlying(More)