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Based on a chance observation in two patients in whom the larynges could be visualized during direct laryngoscopy using topical anesthesia but not after general anesthesia and muscle paralysis, the authors postulated that there will be a shift in the position of the larynx with the onset of general anesthesia and muscle paralysis. To verify this the authors(More)
The rat trigeminal nerve was investigated as a model system for axonal transport to identifiable sensory nerve endings. Following stereotaxic injection of [3-H]proline into the ganglion, the distribution of label in protein and other extracts of ligated or unligated infraorbital nerve was measured in replicates at various time intervals from 30 min to 3(More)
Longitudinal insertion of a lumbar puncture needle bevel is less likely to cause post-lumbar puncture headache than is transverse insertion. The reason for this has not been entirely clear. We investigated the direction of dural fibers in posterior L3-4 dura mater obtained from three autopsies and tallied it in three orthogonal planes. Under low-power light(More)