Bodmann Bernhard

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Culture in the presence of delipidized serum (i.e., in the absence of vitamin A) has been shown to allow terminal differentiation of human keratinocytes, both in terms of morphological appearance and in terms of 67 kD keratin polypeptide synthesis (Fuchs, E & Green, H, Cell 25 (1981) 617) [2]. Culture at the liquid-air interface is known to induce(More)
20 A description of healthy and pathological brain dynamics requires an understanding of 21 spatiotemporal patterns of neural activity and characteristics of its propagation between 22 interconnected circuits. However, the structure and modulation of the neural activation maps 23 underlying these patterns and their propagation remain elusive. We(More)
MESFETs with P-well operating at higher drain voltage generate holes by impact ionization. They charge the GaAs substrate, give rise to increased output conductance and drain current transients at low temperature and facilitate inter-device coupling. Draining the holes by a P/sub +/-contact, which is attached to the source as an integral part of the device(More)
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