Bodil K Jakobsen

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The functional domain structure of human DNA topoisomerase IIalpha and Saccharomyces cerevisiae DNA topoisomerase II was studied by investigating the abilities of insertion and deletion mutant enzymes to support mitotic growth and catalyze transitions in DNA topology in vitro. Alignment of the human topoisomerase IIalpha and S. cerevisiae topoisomerase II(More)
The dimeric cell-surface glycoprotein CD8 is crucial to the positive selection of cytotoxic T cells in the thymus. The homodimer CD8alpha(alpha) or the heterodimer alpha beta stabilizes the interaction of the T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) with major histocompatibility complex (MHC) class I/peptide by binding to the class I molecule. Here we report the(More)
In 42 recipients of mixed-lymphocyte-culture (MLC) incompatible cadaver kidneys and conventional immunosuppressive treatment (azathioprine and steroids) the concentrations of methylprednisolone suppressing the in-vitro response of pretransplant lymphocytes to phytohaemagglutinin by 50% (ED50) were determined. 1-year graft survival was significantly higher(More)
Genetic epidemiology--i.e. studies of the interaction between genes and environment--has lead to the identification of monogenic disorders and more recently of genes involved in polygenic diseases by means of family (linkage) and populations (association) studies. The recent complete sequencing of the human genome combined with new methods such as gene(More)
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