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Both audio and visual aspects of a musical performance, especially their association, are important for expressing players' ideas and for engaging the audience. In this paper, we present a framework for combining audio and video analyses of multi-instrument chamber music performances to associate players in the video to the individual separated instrument(More)
—We introduce a dataset for facilitating audiovisual analysis of musical performances. The dataset comprises a number of simple multi-instrument musical pieces assembled from coordinated but separately recorded performances of individual tracks. For each piece, we provide the musical score in MIDI format, the audio recordings of the individual tracks, the(More)
Multi-pitch analysis of polyphonic music requires estimating concurrent pitches (estimation) and organizing them into temporal streams according to their sound sources (streaming). This is challenging for approaches based on audio alone due to the polyphonic nature of the audio signals. Video of the performance, when available, can be useful to alleviate(More)
One challenge in score following for piano music is the sustained effect, i.e., the waveform of a note lasts longer than what is notated in the score. This can be caused by expressive performing styles such as the legato articulation and the usage of the sustain and the sostenuto pedals and can also be caused by the reverberation in the recording(More)
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